Ultimate Transmission’s technology is based on applications of variable ratio drives using the well understood principals of traction drives.

Traction drives are associated with various types of gearing to provide mainstream vehicle transmissions, vehicle accessory drives, kinetic energy recovery systems, and energy generation.

Ultimate Transmissions have developed a breakthrough design based on a well understood traction drive mechanism called a Toroidal Variator.
> Download PDF for description of Traction Drives & Toroidal Variators

By using a double roller in place of the single roller, the new design, a Double roller Full Toroidal Variator or DFTV exhibits significantly improved efficiency, power densities, and lower cost over previous toroidal Variators.
> Download PDF of description of Double Roller Tororoidal Variators DFTV

Ultimate Transmissions
have developed a control system called Direct Roller Steering or DRS that can be applied to Toroidal Variators that significantly improves the control stability, cost, and efficiency of Toroidal Drives.
> Download PDF of description of Direct Roller Steering - DRS

Toroidal Traction variators are well understood mechanisms and use design methods parameters and materials that are simple to understand and use.
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The current search for energy efficiency is driving the development of drive trains, that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, more durable, more versatile, have smaller parts count and are cheaper.
Automated Transmissions form a critical part of this development. There are now a large number of alternative automated transmissions offering superiority in some, but not all of these fields.

A DFTV supplying the variable leg of a Two Regime IVT or Infinitely Variable Transmission incorporating DRS controls can deliver the Smallest, Lightest, Most Efficient, Most Durable, Most Versatile, Smallest Parts Count, and Cheapest of these alternatives.

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