The Double Roller Full Toroidal Variator (DFTV) concept outperforms all previous Toroidal mechanisms on Cost Efficiency Durability and Power Density

Ultimate Transmissions is the world leader in Double Roller Full Toroidal Traction Drive Technology and owns all of the patents or patent applications associated with this concept.

This technology has the demonstrated ability to create the smallest, lightest, most efficient,
most durable, most versatile and cheapest automatically variable transmissions for scalable application to:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Commercial and heavy vehicles
  3. Agricultural machinery
  4. Outdoor power equipment
  5. Push bikes, Motor bikes, and electric vehicles
  6. Motor vehicle accessory systems such a turbochargers
  7. Kinetic Energy recovery systems using flywheel technology
  8. Renewable energy systems harvesting mechanical energy such as wind turbines
  9. Energy generation requiring fixed frequency deliver


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