CVT Transmission

The Double Roller Concept when combined with the DRS control system, can be applied to any form of transmission including;

The simple CVT application can compete directly with the belt and chain CVT's promoted by;

      Bosch   |   Jatco    |    Luk    |     Audi

Toroidal variators using single rollers, the SFTV and SHTV, promoted by current developers have been unable to do enter the mainstream automotive industry. These variators, when compared to the belt and chain CVT’s have several disadvantages.

No other form of CVT has shown any real application to serious mechanical CVT's, because they are even less efficient larger and heavier than toroidal CVT's. this is with the exception of the NuVinci traction Variator which challenges the efficiency and size of a SFTV. The NuVinci CVT has been successfully applied to pushbikes.

> Download PDF Double Roller Full Toroidal Variator - CVT

IVT Transmissions

When a CVT and a secondary planetary gear-set are coupled together it is possible to create a transmission that provides reverse gears, geared neutral, and forward gears without the necessity of a clutch to disengage the wheels from the driving motor.

There are many examples of this type of transmission applied to commercial vehicles and tractors. No successful application has been made in mainstream automotive, although the design has trialed by both Torotrak (Ford Expedition) and NSK (Toyota Lexus).

Use of IVT system with a belt CVT have been proposed in academic papers and Toyota, Jtekt, Jatco and Bosh have lodged patents associated with this application, but no practical trials have been publically undertaken. The instability of the belt controls may be the reason for this. To achieve geared-neutral a very stable control of the variator ratio is required.

The DFTV using DRS controls is capable of producing a Dual range IVT transmission that will be smaller, lighter, more efficient, more durable, more versatile, smaller parts count, and cheaper than other forms of automated transmission, including AMT, DCT, and AT with more than 4 ratios.

The following papers are available for download:

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These describe IVT transmissions:
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Double Clutch Transmission (DCT):
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